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Other Stuff

Other 'things' that don't seem to fit elsewhere.

Line Out Sticker Sheet 1

Designed to be printed on an A4 self adhesive sheet and then individually cut out.

Stickers included are:

  • Reincarnationfish - I Was Born A Techno Kid
  • Exmaark - Cold Wet Night In Lonely City
  • I Twisted My Ankle Dancing to the Music of Reincarnationfish
  • Why Reincarnationfish? Because Pop Music
  • Interstellar Rhythm Machine moon sticker
  • Modern Technology Sucks - Schadenfreude
  • I am Machine - Schadenfreude
  • Things that go Bleep in the Night - Schadenfreude
  • Interstellar Rhythm Machine - Space invaders sticker
  • Reincarnationfish - Pop Music Is Not a Toy
  • Exmaark - Destroying Sound
  • Spooning Audio Refreshment into your ravenous aural tract
  • Fuck Emo (Give us a grin)
  • Mine Handz Smell Like Fish - Die Strokenkatz
Line Out Sticker Sheet 1
Download Sticker Sheet 1 - 413Kb PDF File.

The Outlines v1.0 Colouring Book

We gave away 10 gift boxes at the Outlines v1.0 release party, among the many items of wonderment contained within was the first* official Line Out colouring book, after all what appeals more to a bunch of pissed up industrial and electro-kids than a pack of crayons and something to draw on.

Quickly becoming a collectors item and are now selling on Ebay for thousands**, now you can print your own (or just marvel at the slighty wonky drawings).

* There will be more, oh yes, there will be more
** This is a lie

The Outlines v1.0 Colouring Book
Download the colouring book - 2.71Mb PDF file.