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Ahhh.... free music. This is the Line Out mp3 blog, not all of the tracks are by bands signed to Line Out, they are all GREAT though.

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Empty Eyes - Free Single

# On Tue 22nd Apr 2008 @ 6:53pm Bob said...

Empty Eyes

To give you a taste of the new History Of Guns album ACEDIA we are giving away a new History Of Guns single. Empty Eyes includes an alternative mix of the track Empty Eyes and an excerpt of the track Killing Myself Until I Die.

You can download a zip file of the single including graphics here or just the Empty Eyes (single mix) mp3 here.

You can buy the new album ACEDIA here.

Max will be handing out CD copies of the single at Whitby Goth Festival this weekend, find him near the bar (and buy him a pint).

» Download: History Of Guns - Empty Eyes

DJ Movement - Daft Suicide (History of Guns vs Daft Punk)

# On Fri 9th Nov 2007 @ 3:47pm Bob said...

Big of a mash-up for your Friday afternoon entertainment. I have not a clue who DJ Movement is but this appeared in my inbox so it's going on here.

This is Daft Suicide a mashup of Daft Punk/History of Guns.

Have a great weekend!

» Download: DJ Movement - Daft Suicide (History of Guns vs Daft Punk)

Everything Starts - Feud

# On Fri 9th Nov 2007 @ 10:51am Bob said...

Second session for Everything Starts, local chaps Feud plus interview and tracks by Arcade Fire, SonVer, Rome Burns and The Furze.

Next up Earth Loop Recall.

Download the session

» Download: Everything Starts - Feud in session - 20/10/2007

DeathBoy vs The Phil - Bugs

# On Thu 8th Nov 2007 @ 9:30pm Bob said...

A new track from DeathBoy. We spoil you.

Feedback and lyrics here.

» Download: DeathBoy vs The Phil - Bugs

Session 1 - Dave Ody

# On Tue 25th Sep 2007 @ 8:45pm Bob said...

This is the the first of the Line Out Records/Denmark Studios live sessions. This was recorded on the 16th September in Denmark Studios in Maidenhead.

We are currently working out the schedule for the next few months with the intention of doing one or two sessions a month, if you want to do a session drop me a line -

The sessions will shortly have their own website and seperate podcast feed (we just havn't come up with a name yet).

You can view some photos from the night here.

I give you Dave Ody in session. Enjoy.


» Download: Dave Ody in Session - 16/09/2007

Xykogen - Hashishin (Instrumental Demo)

# On Sun 19th Aug 2007 @ 11:20am Bob said...

New instrumental demo from Xykogen. This also forms part of Amon's new art series.

» Download: Xykogen - Hashishin (Instrumental Demo)

Raelism - Nothing (Tortured and Castrated Mix)

# On Tue 14th Aug 2007 @ 2:02pm Bob said...

New mix of the Raelism track Nothing, the Tortured and Castrated mix. Give it a listen, it's grate!

» Download: Raelism - Nothing (Tortured and Castrated Mix)

Trauma Pet vs DeathBoy - Breaking (DeathBoy's Timelord Treatment)

# On Mon 2nd Jul 2007 @ 10:45am Bob said...

More remixes from DeathBoy. This time a Trauma Pet classic given a bit of a reworking.

» Download: Trauma Pet vs DeathBoy - Breaking (DeathBoy's Timelord Treatment)

Bobo+Bobo - Bin Dinner

# On Sun 1st Jul 2007 @ 12:28pm Bob said...

Run for the hills, it's the Line Out Australian contingent, Bobo+Bobo. This one won't make you rip your brain out as much as the last one. Promise.

» Download: Bobo+Bobo - Bin Dinner

I Am Immune - Liquid Hate (DeathBoy's Clear Liquid Mix)

# On Sun 1st Jul 2007 @ 12:22pm Bob said...

Damn it DeathBoy, your remixes are far too sexy, coupled with it being a remix of the ultimately sexy I Am Immune this is just too much for me. Give it a listen in all it's sexy remix glory.

» Download: I Am Immune - Liquid Hate (DeathBoy's Clear Liquid Mix)

DeathBoy - West End Girls (DeathBoy's Divide 22 version - louded)

# On Fri 15th Jun 2007 @ 8:55am Bob said...

DeathBoy's FANTABULOUS cover of the Pet Shop Boys West End Girls, give it a listen.

Comments to here please.

» Download: DeathBoy - West End Girls (DeathBoy's Divide 22 version - louded)

DeathBoy - Piano Glitch Jam

# On Tue 5th Jun 2007 @ 10:01pm Bob said...

"as the name implies, it was just me riding the controls live, so there's bits where it doesn't quite work, but I like the contrast of the messy, fuckup beats and the more delicate glitching piano loops."

» Download: DeathBoy - Piano Glitch Jam

I Am Immune - Nicotine (Demo)

# On Mon 4th Jun 2007 @ 8:47am Bob said...

A demo track from the ever lickable I Am Immune -

Check out this electro-rock madness!

» Download: I Am Immune - Nicotine (Demo)

DeathBoy - So I Said You Died

# On Sat 26th May 2007 @ 9:30am Bob said...

Stomping new track (for free download) from the twisted mind of DeathBoy...

» Download: DeathBoy - So I Said You Died

DeathBoy - Machinegun

# On Wed 16th May 2007 @ 8:11am Bob said...

New track....

» Download: DeathBoy - Machine Gun

DeathBoy - Zombie Overlords

# On Sat 28th Apr 2007 @ 9:13am Bob said...

New DeathBoy track to stick in yer ears....

» Download: DeathBoy - Zombie Overlords

Earth Loop Recall - Free Mp3 and new single

# On Mon 26th Mar 2007 @ 1:38pm Bob said...

Here's some Earth Loop Recall news for you, in advance of the album 'This Means Nothing To You' which will be released around Autumn of this year we are releasing one of the tracks as a single.

The Bitter Begin will be released as a limited CD (200 copies) with the tracks The Bitter Begin, Unbeautiful, Elevator Music and Beyond Repair, it will also be available through all the usual digital distributors. The CD will be out around the beginning of June, exclusively from

To get your interest up a bit I've just uploaded the Earth Loop Recall classic 'Glass' to the Line Out Free downloads page.
Download Glass here:
More downloads:

Earth Loop Recall will be playing Madame Jojo's in Soho on the 19th April with the Soho Dolls and Snuff Radio, print out the flyer to get in cheap.

Go discuss Earth Loop Recall stuff on their forum:

» Download: Earth Loop Recall - Glass

Reincarnationfish - Rock and Roll Astronaut (Raindance Version)

# On Mon 12th Feb 2007 @ 11:13am Bob said...

Wonderful remix of Rock and Roll Astronaut. Remixed by Reincarnationfish himself. History of Guns remix coming shortly.

» Download: Reincarnationfish - Rock and Roll Astronaut (Raindance Version)

Exmaark - Call! Albert, Call!

# On Mon 28th Nov 2005 @ 11:34am Bob said...

A departure from his usual style, this track sees Exmaark doing something a whole lot more Orchestral, it's a beautiful track that builds up wonderfully. Give it a listen.

» Download: Exmaark - Call! Albert, Call!

Normal - The Debt Collector

# On Sat 26th Nov 2005 @ 10:42am Bob said...

Classifying Normal is like trying to eat yoghurt with a garden fork, trying to choose a track out of their catalogue to post is just as awkward.
The Debt Collector is a personal favourite, even if this is not quite to your taste have a listen to some of the other tracks on their website they cover more styles and blend them together more effectively than anyone else I've come across, they are also great fun live (when you can coax them out). They are not 'techically' a Line Out band but they did appear on Outlines v1.0.


» Download: Normal - The Debt Collector

Exmaark - Can It Get Better Than This

# On Thu 17th Nov 2005 @ 2:22pm Bob said...

A new emotronic track from Exmaark. More coming soon.

» Download: Exmaark - Can It Get Better Than This

Reincarnationfish - Killing In The Name Of

# On Wed 19th Oct 2005 @ 2:02pm Bob said...

Reincarnationfish's cover of the Rage Against the Machine track.

"Hear everyone's favorite metal club floor filler the way it was always really intended to sound... rendered as industrial disco house and sung by robots."

» Download: Reincarnationfish - Killing In The Name Of

Exmaark - Stuck In A Microwave

# On Mon 17th Oct 2005 @ 4:18pm Bob said...

A great track from Exmaark the master of emotronica. This is a couple of years old now but still an absolutely classic track. There's a bunch of new Exmaark stuff on the way to be uploaded soon.

» Download: Exmaark - Stuck In A Microwave

Reincarnationfish - Rock and Roll Astronaut (Raindance Version)

# On Mon 3rd Oct 2005 @ 1:37pm Bob said...

New remix of the Reincarnationfish track from his forthcoming album. It was inspired by the last test of the ashes. There are a couple of other tracks available on his website and we have some more to upload shortly.....

» Download: Reincarnationfish - Rock and Roll Astronaut (Raindance Version)

OVNI - What have I done? (Reincarnationfish Mix)

# On Fri 16th Sep 2005 @ 12:46pm Bob said...

This is the Reincarnationfish remix of the OVNI track the original version of which appeared on our compilation Outlines v1.0 and on their recently released debut album Objet Volant Non Identifié (released by Alfa Matrix).

» Download: OVNI - What have I done? (Reincarnationfish Mix)