Line Out Records

Outlines v1.0 Review in Hard Wired

February 2005 -

Lineout Records have given us an inoffensive, contemporary EBM/industrial and Goth compilation here – 15 tracks including artists such as Faetal, Trauma Pet, Brother Orchid, Reincarnationfish and OVNI to name a few.

The music is mostly new, and it’s good to see current HW faves, Trauma Pet on here!

Faetal give us ‘Dirty Thirst’ – a light and upbeat guitar based number which has them sounding like a young Cure. Trauma Pet give us the amazing ‘Breaking’ – a poignant and elegant track that is sure to twang at the odd heartstring or two. The first of two Reincarnationfish tracks is ‘You and me vs. The Massed Forces of Darkness’ – a great typically British alternative track that shows superb lyrical talent, along with a beat to get inside your head and stay there.

The Brother Orchid offering, ‘Closer’ isn’t too bad – rhythmic and steady, with vocals the sit masked within the music, this track works well. I would liken the style here to a heavier form of Mesh. We like this.

Schadenfreude give us good EBM based musical number, but this track is let down by overstrained male vocals that have you going for the skip button far to easily. Meanwhile, OVNI deliver the EBM goods with ‘What have I done’ – again male vocals sit astride a competent musical piece making a pleasant enough number guaranteed not to offend anyone.

Normal bring us ‘Ey Ey’, which while a little weird with it’s EBM with funk overtones, isn’t that bad. It kind of makes me think of something from the Chemical Brothers.

Prize for the most laid back track on the album has to go to Exmaark with their number, ‘Cold Wet Lonely Night’ – this electronic instrumental is very relaxing, and definitely not taxing on the hearing at all.

This theme is continued with ‘Generation’ by Interstellar Rhythm Machine – another instrumental and well placed in the album, showing some thought went into it’s structure.

We get back on the industrial horse for The Sepia’s ‘Frustrate’ – a male vocal fronted, quick paced number, while not directly out of the Mesh stable, it’s close.

Reincarnationfish are back with ‘I was born a Techno Kid’. With it’s bleep infested, yet melodious tune, this is a tongue in check track about someone who has no real life. From what we’ve heard of this band, we like their material very much.

The second Exmaark track finds itself in the Electronica pool, with distorted vocals opening the track. Once again the music is quite laid back, and none too taxing – the tempo remains the same throughout.

Interstellar Rhythm Machine give us ‘Draa Valley’ as their send offering, and I have to admit, that this is where I come in to criticise the album. The laid back electronic theme that has occupied the last few tracks is starting to get boring now, and this track is so mellow I could fall asleep.

Thankfully the second offering from Shadenfreude (‘Oh Joy’) picks the beat up again. Although very EBM in it’s execution, this track isn’t too bad, and quite listenable, dare I say it’s even worthy of packing them in on a dance floor?

Wrapping up this album, we have Normal, with ‘Take my neighbour’ – to be honest, this is Ambient waffle, with a side helping of drum & bass for good measure. Hmm, not that interesting, and surely just used as filler?

Overall then, this is not a bad release. There are some duff tracks on here, but overall, it’s good, and wouldn’t be a waste of money.

Keith Elcombe 6/10