Line Out Records

Outlines v1.0 Review

April 2005 - Rock Sound

The UK darkwave cupboard has been so threadbare in the last couple of years that I always approach with a certain amount of trepidation, but with 'Outlines v1.0' such caution is largely unnecessary. Couched in a refreshingly cliche ridden aesthetic that appeals to gothic roots in urban distopia, there's a suprisingly good selection of bands on here playing with a rich variety of musical traditions.

The standout tracks are Interstellar Rhythm Machine's grandiose Noise Unit-inspired 'Generation', The Sepia's chaotic 'Frustrate' and Trauma Pet's 'Breaking', but beyond that it freely mixes Exmaark's gentle synth refrains Faetal's indie-inspired rock. and Normal's funked up goth-disco. A few ill conceived moments aside, this is that rare thing - the sound of a UK darkwave label moving in the right direction.

Alex Whitehead - 6/10