Line Out Records

Outlines v1.0 Review

May 2005 - Bubblegum Slut

It's a rare thing to find a compilation album of uniformly high quality but that is what the guys at fledgeling label Line Out have managed to assemble in this first label sampler. Showcasing 10 bands across its 15 tracks 'Outlines' presents a respectably diverse array of talent from the fields of electronica, industrial and synthpop yet also finds a tenuous common thread between its contributors. All reside in the darker end of their genre's spectrum successfully mixing a very human interest and convincing angst with the potentially lifeless beats and bleeps of electronic music.

Kicking off proceedings are faetal with the Cure-esque 'Dirty Thirst', a real stunner of a track not available on their debut [sic]. The Sepia deliver some typically intense electronica on 'Frustrate', Trauma Pet prove a real find of a new act, led by a truly talented female vocalist while Reincarnationfish are the wildcard of the pack, making some very silly in-jokes of records with names like 'You And Me vs. The Massed Forces of Darkness'. Absolutely worth your time and money.