Line Out Records

Gothtronic - Trauma Pet - You Cannot Feel This

May 2006 -

The London based outfit Trauma Pet makes tasteful music with elements from darkwave and electropop. Stilistically they can be placed somewhere near a Diorama and a Blutengel. The strong female vocals and convincing songs set them apart from comparable ethereal electrobands you see more often the last years. Traumapet is very good though and comparable with Butterfly Messiah regarding quality. The first two tracks are pleasurable, but the first track on You Cannot Feel This that hits the bulls-eye is ‘Puppet’. This song is truly dragging you into their world and is good enough to fully keep your attention focussed. ‘Sick’ is a bit more uptempo and has more dancefloor potential but is not the strongest song as well. This doesnt go for ‘Rain’. This is another highlight. Here it again are the vocals that perfectly build up the tension and keep that intact. ‘Rain’ could be used by DJ’s in clubs. This song also reminds a bit of Resurrection Eve. Also ‘Controlled Hysteria’ is a good track. This one combines a nice electropop groove with melancholy and this works pretty good. The music of Trauma Pet exactly offers what an act like Blutengel misses: real emotion. The use of an instrument like a guitar is certainly an important addition to this. Listen for instance to the sound colours featured in ‘Affinity’, ‘Yearning’ or the last highlight on this album: ‘Breaking’. Trauma Pet has a nice future to look forward to if it were for the music solely, as this is very good and nice music.

Band: Trauma Pet(int)
Label: Line Out Records
Genre: electro (ebm / dark electro / minimal electro(clash) / synthpop)
Type: cd
Grade: 8
Review by: TekNoir