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Reviews in Unscene

Winter 2005 -

Reincarnationfish - The Burning Airship Promo

Reincarnationfish is the brain child of one man - Nick Brown. Nick who does all the programming, singing and guitar is a very talented guy to produce such playful electro pop, which he describes as sounding something like The Postal Service and Underworld if they fell in love.

The first out of the four tracks on offer here is 'Skydiving Burning Airship'. It is quite an upbeat little track that sounds a bit old style indie with an electronic twist. Track two 'We are Angels' is one of the best tracks on the disc. Very catchy and one that grows and grows on your with repeated listenings. 'I was born a Techno Kid' is my personal favourite on the disc. It is happy, bouncing electro pop that, while not going to set many dancefloors alight, is a really infectious little tune.
'ShoppingTvBabes' is another slow electro/indie sounding number.
Reincarnationfish's debut album 'Meet Me At The Waterfall' should be out very soon on Line Out Records.

Mark Smith

Trauma Pet

Trauma Pet are a female duo consisting of Elie (Vocals/Guitars/Programming) and Tara (Bass/Live Keyboards/Vocals). I was taken right away with their moody haunting electronica combined sexy and seductive vocals. They have the ability to create both danceable and emotional chill out songs, similar to Swarf.

They look great, they sound great, and if they keep doing what their doing I can't see how these two can fail. Get hold of a copy of this demo now, you won't be disappointed.

Mark Smith