Line Out Records

How to listen to Line Out Net Radio

Listening to Line Out Net radio is very simple. To listen to either the live stream (if we are broadcasting) or one of the stream on demand tracks/shows you do exactly the same thing, the only difference is that the live stream is actually being played live from Line Out HQ (or wherever we are broadcasting from that day).

What You Need

To listen to the stream you will need a music player that supports shoutcast radio, most music software these days does but we recommend:

There are plenty of others that will do the job as well but those are the ones we recommended.

How To Listen

Once you have the software installed just click the "Listen Now" link for the live stream/on demand track you want to hear. That's it.

If you have any problems email Bob and he will help you get set up. It really is very simple. Oh, and free!

But what is it?

Line Out net Radio is run on a Shoutcast server. For more information on shoutcast visit their site. For more in depth information on using it visit the shoutcast support section.