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I Am Immune - Entropy

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I Am Immune - Entropy

I Am Immune are an electro-rock act from Southampton, at the core are Tim Clark and Pete Boyd responsible for songwriting and recording duties with additional musicians coming on board for live gigs. They combine guitar melodies with beautifully constructe electronic soundscapes to create a mix of prog, industrial and rock music.

Entropy is the new single from I Am Immune. A blend of electro-rock, indie and prog with a modern sound. I Am Immune’s immediate up-tempo guitar based indie rock mixed with soaring soundscapes and emotional yet controlled vocals from Pete Boyd makes for a thoroughly immersive listening experience.

Entropy includes four well tested tracks tried out on their loyal fanbase over the last couple of years of gigging round the UK. Each track will send shivers down your spine with the combination of Tim Clark’s guitar work and Pete’s effective vocal style.

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Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINE12
Release Date: 31/11/2008
Formats: CD/Digital
Running Time: 14m 23s
Track List:
  1. Entropy
  2. Heroic
  3. Home
  4. Flightless (Instrumental)