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Dave Ody - Geen

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Dave Ody - Geen

Dave Ody's first solo album is pure unapologetic indie pop. It's bouncy and melodic and intensely difficult to ignore. He describes it as 'medium-fi power pop' and that sums it up nicely.

Release Info

Cataloge Number: Line8
Release Date: 29/11/2007
Formats: CD/Digital
Distribution: Available from OnLineOut and assorted digital distributors.
Running Time: 39.51
Track List:
  1. All The Same
  2. Don't Know What To Say
  3. All Eyes
  4. Iím Going Away
  5. Don't Remember
  6. Sad Crazy Love Songs
  7. On A Ride
  8. In The Mirror
  9. Different Fools
  10. Shut Down1
  11. Rain Comes Down