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DeathBoy - End Of An Error

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DeathBoy - End Of An Error

The second album by the high lords of Futurepunk. This is 'Music to crash cars to' raised to the power of ten. A frantic, angry mix of breakbeats, guitars, synths and angry socially aware lyrics.

“We’ve finally finished the record that documents a decade’s congealed psychosis. The last few years have seen us get a lot sharper as musicians and we’ve been lucky enough to work (and play) with some of our musical heroes. Our rock is heavier, our breaks are more broken, and we’ve still got something to say.” - Scott Lamb (DeathBoy)

Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINE4
Release Date: 22/01/2007
Formats: CD
Distribution: Distributed through Resurrection Records or buy from us direct
Running Time: 51.10
Track List:
  1. Amphetamine Zoo
  2. Black Morning
  3. Money & Confidence
  4. Slip
  5. Smile You Fuckers
  6. Lullaby
  7. Cheap Shot
  8. Playing Grownup
  9. Something
  10. Angel On My Shoulder
  11. Caustic
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