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History Of Guns - ACEDIA

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History Of Guns - ACEDIA

Acedia is the third studio album by UK electro-rock band History of Guns and their first released through Line Out Records.

Confrontational, angry and bleak lyrically, Acedia also manages to be contrastingly touching and melodic without a hint of the pantomime that often comes with bands who consider themselves to be ‘dark’. The album is filled to the brim with a reasoned

and intelligent nihilistic hatred that is both moving and darkly fascinating. A cruel, relentless work of experience, of feeling and of humanity.

Bob Barker, Line Out Records says:

“Working with History of Guns is terrifying and exhilarating. They leave no space for ego and refuse to compromise musically. Never scared to try something new, never afraid to risk scaring off the audience, which as yet they have failed to do. Truly captivating aural abuse.”

History Of Guns say:

“Our previous releases have been mixtures of different styles. For this album we wanted to scale back the electronica and concentrate on just the guitar aspect of our sound, put it under the microscope, develop it and see where it would take us.
There are many definitions of the word ACEDIA out there, but the one that best fits with our decision to use it as a title would be, “a total absence of spiritual light”.”

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Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINE10
Release Date: 07/07/2008
Formats: CD/Digital
Running Time: 42m 50s
Track List:
  1. Bought then Buried
  2. It’s Easy (To Go Blind)
  3. …But I’ll be waiting
  4. Exhaust Fumes
  5. What Have They Done to Us?
  6. Never Forgive You
  7. No Eternal Reward
  8. Empty Eyes
  9. Drag On
  10. Killing MySelf Until I Die