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Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature

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Jetstream Lovers - Voodoo Nature

Jetstream Lovers are headed up by ex-Goteki frontman Ross Tregenza. With Jetstream Lovers Ross brings us a matured, more sophisticated sound, a little older, a little wiser but still with the cheeky grin and a nose for a stomping chorus.

Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINE5
Release Date: 12/02/2007
Formats: CD
Distribution: Distributed through Resurrection Records or buy from us direct.
Running Time: 32.04
Track List:
  1. Vanessa (Radio)
  2. All That She Wants
  3. Vietnam
  4. Mexican Standoff
  5. Meteor
  6. Louise, I'm listening
  7. Monkeypuzzle
  8. Journey to storyville (electric)