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History of Guns - Issue Five - All the Natural Beauty Of A Golf Course

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The fifth History of Guns free EP, this was handed out by the band at Whitby Goth Festival April '07. It includes a demo track from the forthcoming ACEDIA album, a remix of 'guns classic 'Blown' by the Resonance Association and the rehearsal of their six tracks from the infamous Futurepunk23 gig.

Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINESAMP2
Release Date: 27/04/2007
Formats: CD
Distribution: Given out free at Whitby Goth Festival. Will also be available on the Line Out Downloads page shortly.
Running Time: 34.59

Track List:

  1. Born, Brutalised, Bought then Buried (Demo Version)
  2. Blown Out (History of Guns vs. The Resonance Association)
  3. Tomb
  4. Flashbacks
  5. Your Obedient Servants
  6. Empty Eyes
  7. Secret Garden
  8. History of Guns