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Lined Up vol.1

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Line Up vol.1

The first of our new line of samplers, featuring tracks by bands working with Line Out, this was going to be Line Out and Chums vol.2 but we've signed too many bands to fit anything else on the CD, oops!

This CD is absolutely free with any purchase from or at any gig any of us happen to be wandering about at, or if you want a box to give out to your mates drop us a line.

Where to get it

Free with any order from

The Charnel House

1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, next nights 21/07/07, 04/08/07, 18/08/07 etc.

Butlers (Upstairs), Newcastle Upon Tyne

Feat DJs Ghost, Marie and Kev36663

6.30pm-11.30pm 3.50 entry

Black Planet

Goth / Industrial / EBM / Electro / Cyber / Classic 80's. Club + Live Bands.

Opening Nite ; Saturday 15th September '07 (then 3rd Saturday every month).
At The Anget, Bedford.
8pm - 3am. 7 on the door.

The Ghost Of Lemora + The Tallyman's Dark Omnibus are playing on 15 Sept.
We will have free Giveaways on our first Nite, including Line Out Records Compilation CD's !!!

Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINESAMP3
Release Date: 04/07/2007
Formats: CD
Distribution: FREE with any order from or just ask us nicely.
Running Time: 72:12

Track List:

  1. Earth Loop Recall - Glass
  2. DeathBoy - So I Said You Died
  3. I Am Immune - Entropy
  4. Reincarnationfish - A Mathematical Mistake
  5. Xykogen - Mutate and Survive
  6. History Of Guns - It's Easy (Demo)
  7. Trauma Pet - Trashed
  8. Katscan - Cheap Freak Trash
  9. Dave Ody - Don't Know What To Say
  10. Bobo+Bobo - My Love Is Soft (Like a Puppy)
  11. Realism - Nothing
  12. DeathBoy - Smile You Fuckers
  13. Reincarnationfish - Tequila
  14. Dave Ody - All Eyes
  15. Earth Loop Recall - Unbeautiful
  16. Xykogen - Datsuzoku
  17. Katscan - Zombie Machine