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Outlines v1.0

Our second release but our first serious grown-up album. A year of planning went into this and it really shows, the album both looks and sounds fantastic. 15 tracks by bands we have worked with live over the last few years, most of the tracks are exclusive to this release and several were recorded especially for us (including the faetal and Trauma Pet tracks).

The album covers a whole range of styles and genres but they all fit together nicely, it's a compilation you can listen to in one sitting and then start all over again.

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Release Info

Cataloge Number: Line2
Release Date: 08/11/2004
Formats: CD
Availability: Distributed by Resurrection Records or buy from our online shop at OnLineOut
Track List:
  1. Faetal - Dirty Thirst
  2. Trauma Pet - Breaking
  3. Reincarnationfish - You And Me vs The Massed Forces Of Darkness
  4. Brother Orchid - Closer
  5. Schadenfreude - Pushed Too Far
  6. OVNI - What Have I Done?
  7. Normal - Ey Ey
  8. Exmaark - Cold Wet Night In Lonely City
  9. Interstellar Rhythm Machine - Generation
  10. The Sepia - Frustrate
  11. Reincarnationfish - I Was Born A Techno Kid
  12. Exmaark - Destroying Sound
  13. Interstellar Rhythm Machine - Draa Valley
  14. Schadenfreude - Oh Joy
  15. Normal - Take My Neighbour