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SonVer & Elephant Leaf - 3 Songs

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3 Songs is a collaborative EP between SonVer and Elephant Leaf. With this EP, the charged atmospherics of SonVer forge ahead into new territory as they collaborate with Belgium’s Elephant Leaf. The predominantly instrumental SonVer find a kindred voice in Lucie Dehli’s haunting vocals. The movement, time and space of SonVer’s soundscapes combine brilliantly with the lyrical imagery of Elephant Leaf resulting in this compelling work.

The bands took it in turns to take the lead, tracks one and three being SonVer songs with Elephant Leaf guesting, track two an Elephant Leaf song with SonVer guesting.

SonVer are an experimental/post-rock band from the UK, their sound ranges from minimal ambient to impassioned, layered post rock epics. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes touching but always beautifully constructed and uncommonly moving.

Elephant Leaf - hailing from Belgium - represent all that is good in minimalist experimental music. They strip back their sound to reveal the ambience that resides within, whilst maintaining that crucial connection with ‘real’ music. Layered and textured, their music explores soundscapes with electronic beats and processed sounds, underpinned with sometimes melodic, sometimes abstracted and rhythmical bass. Pushing beyond the conventional boundaries of song structure, Lucie Dehli’s vocals add focus and vivid emotional direction to their sound.

The opening sounds of the EP are a field recording which Jo (SonVer) made on the beach in  La Gomera, in the Canary Islands. The photo on the front cover is of a little fort Ben (SonVer) made out of stones on the same beach.

“This was a real departure for us, but we are always looking for new challenges and ways of working. This project, incorporating vocals and completed without either band meeting has proved to be very rewarding and we are delighted with the result. We look forward to sharing a stage for the first time with Lucie at the Union Chapel on May 31st, and we’re working on some further dates in France and Belgium later in the Summer.”


“3 Songs is noticably darker than previous SonVer material, the addition of Lucie Dehli’s gossamer vocals give the E.P. an almost disturbing feeling to the proceedings alongside the beautifully constructed layers of sound which will send shivers up the spine of all but the most heartless. Gomera is haunting and understated, a slow building ambient track that leads on perfectly to... ‘Love Is Where You Make It, Love Is Where You Are’ is a thoughtful, melancholy dream sequence of a song, simple and minimal but with an exceptional amount of detail. ‘Safety In Numbness’ is a pulsing, emotionally charged post-rock masterpiece that finishes far too quickly. Although the 3 Songs are relatively disparate in style they fit together perfectly, this is one to listen to in one go.”

Bob Barker, Line Out Records

Elephant Leaf appear courtesy of Tutuguri.

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Release Info

Cataloge Number: LINE11
Release Date: 31/05/2008
Formats: CD/Digital
Running Time: 17m 29s
Track List:
  1. Gomera
  2. Love is where you are, love is where you make it.
  3. Safety in Numbness