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Trauma Pet - 1

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Trauma Pet - 1

Trauma Pet have taken a bit of a new direction here with more guitars and a generally dirtier sound. The CD includes two new tracks: 1 and Love The Abuse, plus two remixes: Controlled Hysteria (Seize Animal Mix) and The Darkness Inside (XP8 Mix). The CD also includes the 1 video made by the marvellous Neo-Vision.

Release Info

Cataloge Number: Line6
Release Date: 14th July 2007
Formats: CD/Digital
Distribution: Available from OnLineOut and assorted digital distributors.
Running Time: 19.44
Track List:
  1. 1
  2. Love The Abuse
  3. Controlled Hysteria (Seize Animal Mix)
  4. The Darkness Inside (XP8 Mix)

Plus the video for 1