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Where It's At: Maidenhead

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Where It's At: Maidenhead

The stunning result of a collaborative project between Line Out Records and Where It's At Is Where You Are. We wanted to release an album reflecting the diverse musical talents of our small home town of Maidenhead and show the strength of the local music scene that can be found in any small town.

The tracks are all fantastic and cover a great range of styles including indie, metal, electronica, trip-hop, pop. There really is something for everyone.

The Release was sponsored by the following local businesses:

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Release Info

Cataloge Number: WIALINE001
Release Date: 20/01/2005
Formats: CD
Availability: Can be purchased from any of the bands or sponsors. Also available from Dark Edge (in Maidenhead market) or buy from our online shop at OnLineOut
Track List:
  1. Jensen - Life is Strange
  2. The Alfredo Contract - No Escape
  3. Kid Galahad - Fly Away
  4. 3 Loose Moose - Stoned
  5. The Mor Paranoids - Things That Make You Go Paranoid
  6. The Kurtz Experiment - The Night Shift
  7. Drav - Portugeezer
  8. Natalie Long - Love Needs More
  9. Nine Signs - Hero Of My Soul
  10. Resound - Silver Faces
  11. Reincarnationfish -
  12. Fat Habit - Ridge Sessions
  13. Blind To - Legna
  14. Sinister Experiment - Kitten Orgy
  15. Exmaark - Sleep Again
  16. Wire Jesus - Jenny's Ghost
  17. Antidote - Autolife
  18. Dissonance - Eternal Life Of Surrender
  19. Interstellar Rhythm Machine - My Best Friend is the TV